Turkey Day

I had a different type of thanksgiving this year… I woke up to the sweet smells of some type of organic everything. Only because our friend Steve can’t eat anything normal. I’m not complaining though, it was delicious. Then about 2 hours later, my friends came over and we made a REAL thanksgiving meal. Well- I didn’t, but I DID make the cornbread. ( I can only cook….cereal, but maybe I’m selling myself a little short) I didn’t eat any but I did partake on the drinking and football game watching like the traditional thanksgiving we all know. Then me and my mom bonded, while I dressed her for our little movie outing… Thanksgiving fashion at its finest. But I got a little of both worlds this time, and I’m more than thankful for my non traditional ways.








WIGGLE WIGGLE, WIGGLE WIGGLE. Thank you Jason Derulo for that nice line- but not everybody wants a giggly booty. Not TOO giggly anyway. That’s one of the main reasons I work out as much as possible, and so I can eat all the yummy food I want without feeling guilty. You’ll either catch me dressed to the nines, or in gym clothes. Sometimes in between, but my in between is mostly gym clothes. So I guess you could say I’m a gym rat. Gym mouse. Mice are cuter. Today I decided to wear ________________, because I always try and look as cute as possible without looking like I’m TRYING to look as cute as possible- if you catch my drift.

*Side rant

I’m not trying to be a hater here, but if you come to the gym with caked on makeup, curled hair, hoop earrings, and push up bra… I think we’re all going to assume you’re not very serious about working out and more serious about finding a booty call. Do you girl, but know we all clocked your tea.

Anyway back to looking cute WITHOUT trying too hard- I have my hair up in a tight bun, because honestly I don’t like how my hair looks in a ponytail at the length it’s at. I also color coordinate my outfit, because I have a slight OCD with things like that. Plus it just looks cute. Otherwise, I wash my face and let the natural glow of my hard work and determination brighten my face.







*pic of before, with ingredients

*pic of outfit

*pic white preparing salmon, with outfit

*pic of me sitting at dinner eating salmon

*close up of accessories

The title is pretty much self explanatory, but let me go into a little more detail. Ever since I was little I can only ever remember my mother cooking one of two things. Salmon with broccoli and some type of starch- or roast beef, and being the little diva I was I always rejected the roast beef. So that left her one meal to continuously cook me through out my childhood, and brimming adulthood. Don’t get me wrong, she cooked chicken and other things, but nothing as continuous or delicious as her salmon. Every time I smell the sweet aroma of plum wine, mixed with alaskan king salmon my mouth immediately starts to water. No other salmon at any 5 star restaurant in the world, let alone the United States can step up to the plate. Although, some have come close. Thats why i’ve decided to share the recipe with you all, and show you the only way I know how to cook- fashionably.




Sandals by DOLCE & VITA, handbag by BOTTEGA VANETTA, accessories from CHARLOTTE RUSSE,shirt by BABAKUL

If you’re from Texas, you know that it is the birthplace of Dr. Pepper, and to me that was the perfect excuse for the love I’ve had for it since such a young age. I ordered it with every meal, even when I went out of town (which I soon learned they seldom had the further away from Texas you got). As I became older, I grew more aware of the health issues concerning soda and sugary drinks, so I ventured into the tea and water world. I came to do a little shopping at the Dr. Pepper center and decided to indulge myself for the first time in many years. To my surprise it wasn’t as refreshing as I remember, so let’s just hope my palate has done some maturing and leave it at that… or maybe it could have even been my mature outfit influencing my taste buds?  We’ll never know. But what I do know, is that wearing a faux blazer was not the right move in this Texas heat.  So what did I do? Took it off and never looked back. Then put it back on. (I have a small issue with decisions regarding my appearance AKA  it takes me longer than the average girl to get ready since I have something to the sorts of “The Spotlight effect”)






This week, I’d like to mention an artist who immediately caught my attention.  As I was scrolling through an Instagram page I happened to stumble upon a vibrant piece of art, one with a style that I immediately fell in love with. The artist is Chris Hobe, most known for his brand Revolt, a style that would fall into the category of urban pop art. His artwork has grown popular amongst Instagram and Twitter, even resulting in celebrities buying his pieces. I personally love Revolt not only for the vibrant pops of color and amazing graffiti-like patterns, but his message. He has a certain thought put in to his artwork that differs throughout each piece, mostly having to do with anti-government rebellion. His brand truly is the “Artistic Revolution”. Revolts opinions of democracy combined with 1950’s style pictures, he is nothing less but an artist on the rise.

“Don’t Obey, Revolt.”

Check out more of his work here.





Dress by TARGET, shoes by CHUCK TAYLOR, accessories from CHARLOTTE RUSSE , sunglasses by RAYBAN,  and purse by MICHAEL KORS

When I get dressed in the morning the last thing I complete my outfit with is my shoes. Which, in some cases, can cause my look to head in a completely different direction, and it can be as simple as throwing on a pair of converse. Wearing some punk, rugged shoes matched with a girly, classic outfit can always throw some edge into your look. In this case I did it to this lovely summer dress. I could have worn sandals or even heels, but when it came down to it I felt being at a park all day definitely called for some comfort and what better shoe to have (I have 3 pairs) than converse. I was skipping around Clyde-Warren park in downtown Dallas, ordering sno-cones  from food trucks parked along the side, and playing ping-pong (mind you was not the easiest in a mini-dress). I even got dared to run through some ground fountains, which I did-screaming like a little girl the whole way through. Luckily for me, I was able to keep my energy and enthusiasm thanks to my feet being nice and comfy, keeping me an active, happy Natasha. Something  I definitely couldn’t be if my shoes were killing me.